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Omori Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine Superwrapper S500A

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  • Clear 12.1" LCD color touch screen control panel
  • Direct servomotor drive film unwind
  • Neat and consistent wrapping
  • Self-diagnostics for fast response and ease of operation.
  • Designed for production versatility
  • Quiet and simple to maintain
  • Designed for incorporation into a complete production line

Optional Equipment:

  • Automatic Film Splicer with splice rejection
  • "Feather Touch" end seal detection system prevents product or foreign material crushing in the end sealer
  • Gas flushing (MAP) device.
  • Film edge position controller – prevents snaking
  • Printer
  • Multiple pitch infeed
  • Gusset device – neat & compact end seals
  • Various automatic feeders
  • Hanging display hole punch
  • Oxygen absorber feeder
  • Offset center seal

Optional Software:

  • On-demand function: (No product, no bag)
  • Mis-position, non-cut function – Disables end sealer if product is out of position
  • Memory Card (Back-up/Restore Data)
  • Calendar Timer (Allows sealer pre-heating and timed shutdown)

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